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Gong-Yih HSIEH

Job title : Associate Professor and Chairperson

Education Background:National Taiwan University, Institute of Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene, Ph.D.

Research Expertise:Industrial safety and health, Occupational epidemiology, Reproductive hazard, Data analyzing, Pharmacy

Phone:+886 2 2621-2121 Ext. 6102、6107


Office:  Room 826, 8th floor, Management Building


Shin-Li LU

Job title :  Professor 

Education Background:Department of Industrial Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Research Expertise:Multivariate quality control, Grey forecasting, Big data analytics

Phone:+886 2 2621-2121 Ext. 6111


Office:  Room 10-07, 10th floor, Management Building


Kuo-Ping CHIAO

Job title:Associate Professor 

Education Background:University of Maryland, Department of Mechanical Engineering,PhD.

Research Expertise:Fuzzy Systems, Decision Making, Applied Mathematics

Phone:+886 2 2621-2121 Ext. 6110


Office: Room 10-06,10th floor, Management Building


Wen-Min CHOU

Job title:Associate Professor  

Education Background:Ph.D., School of Computing, University of Sunderland

Research Expertise:Lean Production System, Business Operating Management, Ergonomics.

Phone:+886 2 2621-2121 Ext. 6103


Office:Room 830, 8th floor, Management Building


Chia-Lin HSIEH

Job title : Associate Professor 

Education Background:PhD., Tamkang University, Management Science.

Research ExpertiseManagement Science, Data Science, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Supply Chain Management, Operations Management

Phone:+886 2 2621-2121 Ext. 6104


Office:  Room 829, 8th floor, Management Building


  Kuan-Shiu CHIU


Job titleAssociate Professor 

Education BackgroundPh.D., School of Computing, University of Sunderland

Research ExpertiseGenetic Algorithms, Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Theory

Phone:+886 2 2621-2121 Ext. 6105


Office:  Room 831, 8th floor, Management Building


Jyh-Wen HO

Job title : Associate Professor 

Education Background:Ph.D. of the Department of Industrial and Information Management at National Cheng Kung University

Research Expertise:Smart Manufacturing, Production and Operation Management, Statistical Quality Control, Reliability Analysis

Phone:+886 2 2621-2121 Ext. 6112


Office:  Room 10-01, 10th floor, Management Building


Chiung-En HUANG

Job title : Associate Professor 

Education Background:Dr. Huang received her PhD degree from the Department of Industry Education and Technology at National Changhua University of Education in Taiwan.

Research Expertise:Human Resource Management, Performance Management, Creativity

Phone:+886 2 2621-2121 Ext. 6108


Office:  Room 10-04, 10th floor, Management Building


Ping-Hsun FENG

Job title : Assistant Professor

Education Background:Ph. D. in Resources Engineering, National Cheng Kung University

Research Expertise:System Dynamics, Input-output Analysis, Resources Management and Economics, Innovation Management

Phone:+886 2 2621-2121 Ext. 6120


Office:  Room 825, 8th floor, Management Building


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